Copal is a vegetable resin that comes from the copal tree of the Amazon of Peru and Mexico, this is a medium sized tree that is about 15 meters high, shiny stem, its leaves expire in December and begins its new shoots in the first rains of May, achieving fruiting in summer and autumn. It […]

Very often we talk about places and people emanating “good energy” or “bad energy”, when in reality what we mean is that the energy is either high or low. Scientifically, the description of energy as high or low is actually described as a degree of vibration or frequency, which our body and mind perceives it. […]

How many times have you started to fantasize about everything you would like to have, but you see it extremely distant or unattainable. Today I want to tell you that everything is possible, do this exercise and see the results for yourself. – Write down on a piece of paper and in order of importance […]

The “Bioneuroemotion” focuses on identifying those aspects of our way of being that tend to limit us, such as: beliefs, thoughts, behaviors, traumas; and then transform them into elements that liberate us and favor our well-being. With the management of emotions in the Bioneuroemotion and finding the most optimal way to enter the unconscious, learning […]

We are going through a stage in which humanity is facing gigantic changes, we are taking great steps and not good steps for that. Those steps have made us feel and experience various strong and low vibration emotions, some have made us feel: fear, fear, vulnerability, uncertainty; to some others: power, tyranny, and control. It […]

Each of us has the ability to transform ourselves and this transformation can be on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. When we connect with our higher selves and begin to open an infinite world of possibilities, that is when everything that I call Miracles happens! And miracles are nothing more than the transformation […]

Each of us has had different masters in our lives, whether in some institution such as school, university, in some course, etc. Even in life, our parents have been the first masters and from there, they follow: siblings, family, friends, society in general, we move on to the couple and also to the children. Sometimes […]

How many times has it happened to you that you think of something and it is given to you? Maybe something as simple as thinking about that person, that you hadn’t known about her for a long time and boom! you receive his call … and like this, a lot of events that have been […]

The human being is a biological being and therefore is capable of adapting to a myriad of situations, possibilities, and programs … These programs that we learn from our family nucleus, father, mother, siblings and also from our genealogical tree (all our ancestors), our culture, the country where we were born and the country where […]