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Know the benefits of Copal

Copal is a vegetable resin that comes from the copal tree of the Amazon of Peru and Mexico, this is a medium sized tree that is about 15 meters high, shiny stem, its leaves expire in December and begins its new shoots in the first rains of May, achieving fruiting in summer and autumn. It is an aromatic plant that has an exudate. Its fruits are small drupe-shaped balls.

When the copal reaches maturity, the first third of the trunk naturally sprouts a resin that crystallizes around it, bright white, a kind of hard snowballs that, when harvested with great care, are easily detached, a weevil is usually responsible for the formation of masses of resin in these trees. The process begins when a female lays her egg inside the bark, upon hatching, the larva eats the inner bark and causes the liquid resin to be released into the outer bark. The resin hardens on contact with the environment, and at the beginning, the bolls are small and get bigger as the larva grows.


Copal is one of the most important incenses used by the millenary cultures of America because its use has spiritual connotations, due to the fact that it purifies, protects, attracts love and abundance, connects us to love and introspection. 

For thousands of years, incense has been used, not only for its varied scents that impregnate any room with lasting perfume and tranquility, but also for eliminating any type of negativity in that place.


Copal resin has been used in rituals since pre-Hispanic times, it is placed in an incense burner with charcoal embers, producing an intense smoke with a refreshing aroma. Copal incense is also used for energetic cleansing of places and people, or as a simple aromatizer of a space.

The charcoal resin burns quickly with dense smoke very pleasant and healing. In the same way, with the bark and the dry leaves a kind of small bonfires are made inside the house or the field, around which circles of children are formed with the purpose of purifying their souls and healing them to have them always healthy and that they can walk through the mountain without major difficulties, always accompanied by the gods or white deities, souls linked to the smoke that it produces when it is burned on burning charcoal.


The sense of smell is one of the senses that favor a degree of well-being in the body, due to the pleasant and relaxing aromas that are inhaled. For this reason, different techniques have emerged that are used from essences to items such as incense.

But if you confuse synthetic incense with natural incense, you will notice that the effect is not the same. Let’s not forget that thanks to natural incense we increase concentration, spirituality, inspiration and relaxation.

Incense is becoming more and more common as a perfect complement to improve mood, to achieve greater inner peace and to relax as well as being able to awaken consciousness and keep you in the present. Therefore, you will always find one of these sticks in those places intended to maintain your mental balance.


The initial idea behind the use of these fragrances is to balance the body and mind, as well as to help us achieve better health. From the point of view of traditional medicine, it is considered as a hot product, and is used as a tea, sweetened with honey, for respiratory system problems.

Copal is useful in illnesses produced by cold and humidity, as well as it calms headaches.  In ancient times, children were hung a cotton bag with a copal ball as a preventive measure to avoid illnesses.


According to a study conducted by scientists from Johns Hopkins University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, copal incense has great power to create an atmosphere of peace and alter the state of mind in a positive and relaxing way.

To confirm the theory, the researchers used incensole acetate, a component of the plant’s resin. By burning this type of incense, they found that the brain channels that alleviate anxiety and depression were activated.

According to information published in The Huffington Post, another study by Cardiff University reveals that this resin component reduces the symptoms of arthritis. In addition, it has been proven that incense has more benefits such as:

– Lowering blood pressure

– Increasing motivation

– Increasing self-esteem

– Stimulate concentration

– Decrease insomnia

– Combat headaches

– Increase creativity

– Promotes well-being and personal pleasure

Copal has been proven to be one of the most beneficial aromatic resins, if you are looking for a way to align the vibes in your home copal is one of your best options.

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Comencé hace más de 6 años por sanarme a mi misma y de ahí llegaron a mi vida una tras otra diferentes técnicas de sanación.

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About the Author


Comencé hace más de 6 años por sanarme a mi misma y de ahí llegaron a mi vida una tras otra diferentes técnicas de sanación.

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