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Return to your being of light

We all want to be healthy, to be in “good” physical condition and health, such as being able to eat, to be able to move on your own or to sleep. However, healing is a process that goes beyond the body, being healthy means that you have a “wellness” in your mind, your emotions and your physical body.

“It is to be Back to our higher and harmonious self.”

You may have noticed that when you are attacked by an illness, no matter how simple it is like the flu, your physical body is sore, tired, maybe even feverish, but so is your mind. You are not able to think properly, focus on work or any other task, emotionally you feel “off” and it is because all your bodies are in imbalance. This is to speak of a “physical” illness, which as you have already realized also affects other parts of your well being.

However, there is another very important part that many times we do not pay enough attention to: the emotional and mental part.

How many times have you found yourself in a stressful situation? If your answer is yes, now ask yourself how many times in your day do you go through this situation? A lot, right?

And next, how many of those times is it because you are really in a stressful situation? I assure you that only 30% and the rest are situations in which you are living in the FUTURE. 

Here’s an example: “Susy works and has a husband, pet and children. Susy gets up at 6:00 am to prepare breakfast, while she gets dressed she is thinking: I will prepare breakfast, I have to take the material to school for my son’s project, at that same moment she remembers that she has to deliver the sales report to the board at 10:00 am, and at 12:00 pm she has lunch with the client and from there her mind goes to the fact that she has to make the payments for her children’s school, and then she has to take the chicken out of the freezer so when she comes back from work, prepare dinner so it will be ready at 6: 00 pm and on the way to the supermarket to buy the rest of the vegetables and fruits for the week, she also remembers that she has to sit down that same night after dinner with her husband to finalize the plan for the vacations that will be in a few months, and at that moment she remembers that she has to start buying summer clothes for her children (it is still spring) and all that in a period of no more than 5 mins. 

Ufff! Are you tired of reading it, does it sound familiar? 

Susy lives in a very familiar state for many these days, in English it is called: “fight or fly” which means: “fight or fly”, that is to say to be in a state of maximum alert. She already lived all that she thought in just 5 minutes, for her unconscious just by thinking it is to do it or live it.

Her physical body will have to be in a constant stress, in a state of alert ready to fight or to fly.

Now imagine if apart from having thought about it (in 5 minutes in the morning) and taking into account that for our real or symbolic unconscious it is exactly the same, during the day you execute each one of those actions, it is as if you had done it or executed it twice. One while thinking about it in the morning and the other while physically doing it. And this without taking into account that during the day he went back to review some things from that list of thoughts, plus what accumulated during the day.

Now with this I am not telling you not to plan things, however, here is the secret: think them, write them down and let them flow. And from time to time review those plans. 

The problem is that we are not living in the present, life has become fast, it is important that you begin to realize or be aware of your thoughts, how many times have you already reviewed or thought about this situation?  This way of living is what leads us to an imbalance, and therefore you are not in your healthy part.

At the moment it is only in your mind and at the end of the day you feel exhausted or exhausted, because from there began to come other symptoms: insomnia, weight loss or weight gain, irritability, extreme tiredness, depression, colitis, gastritis or flu more frequent.

Maybe they seem to be “minor” things to you, because anyone gets insomnia, or gains or loses weight, or gets the flu, however for your state of being is NOT harmonious, and that is where the NOT being healthy begins, you are moving away from the harmony of your being, losing the ability to resume basic things for you as:

1.- Let those thoughts flow.

Focus on the present moment, the rest you already know that you have it and that you are going to do it, it is not necessary to review it.

3 .- Sleep on time, a routine is a good habit.

Eat healthy and calmly at your own time. Let your meal time be sacred, since you are nourishing your body, leave the cell phone, TV, and thoughts. Focus on savoring what food offers you.

Listen to your body. Move it, just by going for a walk or parking farther away from the entrance in the supermarket parking lot, eat healthy, sleep at your own time.

6.- Consume fun and positive programs when watching TV or on your smartphone.

7.- Surround yourself with positive and contributing people.

8.- Leave work at work, don’t take it home.

9 .- Enjoy your bath, clean your body with the beautiful water that the earth gives us.

 And finally, for me is the basic and most important


Enjoy every breath you take, become aware that you are alive (a), that each breath returns you to your healing to your center, to your being of light.

With love Chio Murillo


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