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If the Universe brings you crystals, an Orgone is created!

Humans’ relationship with crystals and stones is millenary, Plato’s dialogues tell us that since Atlantis time their populations knew how to use the energy properties of stones with great mastery, even due to this or the misuse of one of them was what unleashed the very destruction of that civilization.

And so we can find in each of the ancient civilizations, manuscripts and other evidence of the use of these!

For all the wonders that crystals give us, orgones were created.

The orgone was madre in the 1930s by Wilhelm Reich, who made the scientific discovery of this energy that in the world is known by many names: prana, chi, reiki energy, etheric, magnetic, astral, life force, etc.

Using the energy of the stones and the energy conductors of the metals, Reich discovers this energy (chi, prana, etheric) and thus creates the orgones! Giving humanity the knowledge of the potentialized use of crystals in this energy accumulator.


Crystals vibrate at frequencies, have different vibrations and are classified as: energy receptors or generators; When combined with the conductivity of the metals in integrating them into the resin, this is how this energy accumulator or ORGONE is generated, which will give us different benefits, here I am going to tell you some of them:


  • Increases body energy levels
  • Allows a restful sleep, helping in cases of insomnia
  • Helps keep melatonin levels high (anti aging)
  • Restore energy balance
  • Helps with metabolism
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps in muscular pain
  • Transform the etheric energy of the home into healthy energy
  • Allows plants to grow better and healthier by repelling insects

There are two types of orgones:


The orgones of spaces:

These can be put in your home, office, work or even in your car


The personal orgones:

Personal orgones provide a constant cleaning action of personal energy fields while offering protection to different types of aggression, it is understood from the “psychic attack” to the contamination of various forms of energy (electromagnetic contamination produced by devices mobile phones, PC and TV screens, mobile antennas, high voltage towers, Wi-Fi, microwaves, etc.).

If the Universe gives you crystals, an orgone is created!

The creation of an orgone is an artisan process, each orgone that I have created has been designed in a unique way, there will be no other like it!

It is a meticulous design process, and creating coherence with the crystals that it will carry, since depending on its properties it will be the greatest benefit for the person, as well as the connection of the crystal with the corresponding metal.

It is also a process of “connection” with that person (even if I don’t know them yet) that carrying this orgone (a personal or space orgone) is a “calibration” of energy and the orgone is “charged” with it energy of the universe (Apart from the energetic charge of each stone and metal) through a quartz bowl music bath. Here I present my beautiful bowl that has accompanied me countless times in this process:

And in divine connection with that person’s “soul” the perfect orgone is created!

As you will see, it is a process more than artisanal … It is a process of joining energies, which generate a unique well-being in your being!


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